April 29, 2018 Bulletin

Notable Items

  • Mother’s Day Triduum of Masses: Mother’s Day cards with the gift of a triduum of Masses are available in the vestibule. Last day to turn in envelopes is May 11. The triduum of Masses will begin on Mother’s Day and finish on May 15. A very special gift for mother’s.

  • Marriage Mission given by Fr. Ludger Grun April 30 to May 4, 2018.
    11:15 am - Mass and sermon – Monday to Thursday.
    No 11:15am Mass on Friday, May 4, Mass and sermon at 6:30pm
    6:30 pm - Rosary and conference, Monday to Thursday
    6:30 pm – Mass and sermon on Friday, May 4.
    The sermon and conference will be the same each day. This way the mothers who can attend the Mass will get the conference as a sermon, and the men who cannot attend during the day get the same conference in the evening. But both are open to men and women. Whatever is most convenient. Wednesday, May 2, due to the sermon, Academy Mass will be 8am, after line-up. Students bring breakfast and lunch.

  • No Benediction on Thursday, May 3, Confessions at 6:00pm, Rosary at 6:30pm followed by Compline.

  • All Day Adoration on First Friday, May 4, begins after 7:15am Mass and ends with Rosary and Benediction at 6:00pm. Mass at 6:30pm with Marriage Mission sermon by Fr. Ludger Grun. Signup sheet is in the vestibule. "Can you not watch one hour with Me?" Please be sure all time slots have two people signed up to give correct veneration to Our Lord.