Lay staff

Like all the priories, schools, and retreat houses of the SSPX, volunteers are invaluable, and too numerous to count. Below are a few of the staff members who hold official positions within the priory

Mrs. Monique Taleck

Mrs. Taleck is the priory secretary, and a vital part of our community.  She is called upon to assist the priests in organizing events, handling administrative tasks, organizing volunteers, coordinating retreat registrations and accomodations, and too many other tasks to count.


We are immensely grateful to the many people at our church who provide meals for priests, serve our retreatants, manage the bookstore, run the parish Sunday Catechism classes, clean the church and priory, as well as take on special roles like fundraising, special events, and theatre productions.  Too many to mention here, they are held in highest esteem, and are worthy of our priests and faithful's prayers & gratitude.