Outcome Jog-A-Thon 2020

January 07, 2021
Academy Phoenix
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After months of preparation and hard work, the day of the 2020 Jogathon had finally arrived.

The Academy began this day with morning mass. Several parents had already set up flags and starting posts on the track, and more helping hands were readying the numerous refreshments and lunch for the celebration immediately following the race.  Meanwhile, staff and students were busy with their warm-up exercises.

As runners and spectators gathered by the track, headmaster Father McFarland led the crowd in prayer and gave a blessing. Up until minutes before the start of the race, one particularly diligent student, Dominic Young, was still approaching people to ask for per-lap-pledges. Little did these unsuspecting donors know that Dominic is a tremendous runner!  - But more on that later...

The race was off to a great start, and friends and families on the sidelines cheered on the runners.  Father McFarland, Father Kallal, Father Pazat, Brother Alphonsus and Brother Dismas were all in attendance and each showed great enthusiasm. Principal Father Pedersen was highly focused and ran at a very fast pace throughout the entire hour. So focused indeed that he was unable to hear the applause and cheering.  In contrast, pastor Father Pons looked almost relaxed as he jogged around the 1/8th of a mile track with a never-fading smile. Even the tiny legs of our most wee little Kindergarteners went around the track relentlessly - albeit a little slower.  But regardless of each runner's individual style, they all ran for the greater Glory of God and everybody successfully completed the 1-hour long run.

The winners of most laps run (boys and girls) are Toby Tuckness (70) and Aili McDonough (52) in 1st place, Matthew Mai (55) and Emma Wilkerson (48) in 2nd place and Dominic Young (53) and Hannah Kohoutek (46) in 3rd place. The top fundraisers are Dominic Young with $3,760 in 1st place (you see, his hard work paid off!), Toby Tuckness with $3,022 in 2nd place and Andrea Saldana-Perez with $2,740 in 3rd place. We are very happy to announce that the total amount raised in this 11th annual Jog-A-Thon has been $108,097.99.

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy is so grateful for all our benefactors' support and all our families' hard work. May God bless you all.