Religious staff

We are blessed to have 8 members of the religious community present on our grounds.

Fr. John McFarland

Rector & Prior

Fr. John Mark McFarland was fairly new to traditional Catholicism when he entered the seminary in the fall of 2006. In fact, only two years previous had he attended his first Latin Mass in September 2004. Growing up with the Novus Ordo Mass, he attended Pope John Paul II High School in Boca Raton, Florida.
Even though the name of the school suggested Catholicism, it did very little to sow the seed of a vocation. The religious atmosphere of the school was essentially non-existent. It was, as a matter of course, a nominally Catholic school, and nothing more. Following his graduation, Fr. McFarland attended the University of Maryland where he got a degree in history. Even at this time, he had no serious thought of a vocation. That started coming in September 2004 when he attended his first Latin Mass. 
He was ordained in 2012, and was assigned to St. Mary's Academy in Kansas, where he has spent 5 years in the Academy teaching, and assisting with parish duties.

He is also the chaplain for the men's Holy Name Society, and the Ladies' Auxilliary. 

Fr. Jaime Pazat

Church Assistant / Retreat Assistant

Fr. Pazat is a native of Spain, and entered the seminary of Ecône in the mid 1970's. He was ordained a priest by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1981, and was immediately stationed in El Paso, TX. 5 years later, he moved to Phoenix, where he was integral in Our Lady of Sorrows' initial growth and development.  in 1995, he was transferred to St. Mary's, KS for 10 years, and then served as prior and headmaster of St. Anne's in Detroit.

He returned to Phoenix for his second tour in the Fall of 2017, where he serves as Fr. McFarland's primary assistant, hearing Confessions in Spanish for the local community, and guides the local organization for older faithful - Nunc Dimittis.

Fr. Anthony Haynos

Pastor & Retreat Master

Fr. Anthony Haynos, from Paxico, Kansas, comes from a family of religious. Two of his uncles are priests: Fr. James Haynos with the Society of St. Pius X, and Fr. Matthew with the Benedictines in France. One of his aunts is a Carmelite nun, Sister Mary Mechtilde. 
Also ordained in 2012, Fr. Haynos was chosen for Sanford, FL for 3 years before his appointment as Prior of St. Louis, MO, where he has stayed until taking on his dual roles at Our Lady of Sorrows.

His main role at Our Lady of Sorrows is as the Pastor, overseeing the souls who attend the chapel.  In addition, he is managing, organizing, and preaching the 10+ Ignatian, Marian, Virtues, and Marriage retreats.

Fr. Jonathan Prescott

Assistant, Retreats

A native of Winnipeg, Fr. Prescott was ordained in 2013, returning often to western Canada to help the SSPX on building projects during his seminary years. After his ordination, he returned to his native country and served at the SSPX Calgary church of St. Dennis. He will be vital in assisting both Fr. McFarland with church duties, and Fr. Haynos to preach and counsel retreatants.

​Fr. Christopher Pedersen


Father Pedersen hails from St. Mary's Academy with his family. After graduating from the Academy in St. Mary’s, he earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from the College.
Fr. Pedersen entered St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2007 and was ordained by Bishop de Galarreta in 2013. Since his ordination, Fr. Pedersen has been posted at St. Aloysius Gonzaga retreat house. He helps in the preaching of retreats and teaches Religion to the high school students at St. Thomas More School.

He will be overseeing the daily operations and growth of Our Lady of Sorrows Academy.

Fr. Peter Kallal

Assistant - Mission: Albuquerque

Fr. Kallal, from St. Louis, MO, was ordained in the summer of 2017 in only the second class of the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Virginia. He is experiencing the priestly life in his first post at Our Lady of Sorrows. He serves as a church assistant, teaches classes at the Academy, and assists the prior and retreat master in various duties.

He also has taken on the role of chaplain for the local children's Eucharistic Crusade organization.

Fr. David Phillipson

Assistant - Mission: Las Vegas

Fr. Phillipson's story is certainly unique among most priests in the SSPX. Raised Catholic in the Diocesan church, he attend Fordham University, and developed a connection to the American Southwest after several visits here during his time at university. After 11 years, he entered Mt. St. Mary Seminary in Maryland, and was eventually stationed as a priest in the Archidiocese of Santa Fe.

An intellectual, he began to dive deeper into the history of the traditional teachings of the Church, and entered the SSPX Priests' Training Program. After more than a year of supplemental study, learning the traditions, and the Latin Mass, he made his vows into the SSPX in 2017.

Brother Alphonsus

Sacristan and Landscaping

Brother Dismas

Maintenance and Scheduling