About Our Lady of Sorrows Priory

Our Lady of Sorrows is a traditional Catholic parish located in South Phoenix, served by priests of the SSPX.

We have a daily Tridentine Mass, run a traditional Catholic School for children K-12 and offer numerous retreats for the faithful throughout the year. ​ The SSPX recognizes the importance of frequent social contact between its priests, its faithful, and the world at large. Community life, education, and apostolic works are crucial in forming a complete Catholic society. This growing parish serves as one of these outposts, eager to serve our community by providing traditional Catholic Sacraments.

Chapel Life

In addition to a daily Tridentine Mass Our Lady of Sorrows offers a variety of activities and organizations for faithful of all ages.

Please see our organizations page for how you can join the various sodalities, organizations, and groups that provide spiritual and social benefits!


We have five priests and two brothers in residence.

  • Fr. John Mark McFarland: Rector, Prior
  • Fr. Romain Pons: Pastor, Retreats
  • Fr. Jaime Pazat: Church Assistant, Spanish Confessions
  • Fr. Christopher Pedersen: School Principal
  • Fr. Peter Kallal: Assistant​, Eucharistic Crusade
  • Brother Alphonsus: Sacristan and Landscaping
  • Brother Dismas: Maintenance and Scheduling

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

Our school operates on site serving children a quality education for both elementary and high schoolers grades K-12. Please contact the Principal for more information.

Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat House

Each year Our Lady of Sorrows hosts over a dozen 3-5 day retreats for the spiritual benefit of hundreds of souls. Please contact the office for more information, or view the schedule below.