Cheerful Spring Auction 2021

Source: Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

A Sampling of Auction Baskets Offered this Year

The Spring Auction, held on Sunday, April 18th was a huge success!

Devoted volunteers began preparing months beforehand by soliciting donations from local businesses, continued their efforts during the weeks leading up to the Auction by putting together hundreds of auction items, and slaved away in the kitchen in the few hours before the Auction began.

The time came and volunteers manned their stations: it had begun!

Even though it was the very last, parishioners and visitors smelled out the refreshment table and were served delicious food by our (smiling) high school girls.  Refreshments included the famous egg rolls which have a habit of disappearing within minutes of their arrival at the table!

Their respects paid in this area, the parishioners strolled around the other tents, chatting with friends and priests as well as eyeing baskets that struck their fancy.  There were plenty of eye-catching items, such as beautiful framed pictures photographed by Father Pedersen and a pygmy goat!

As the Auction neared its end, people scrambled to get in their last bids.  We had some very enthusiastic bidders this year!  The leading family winning no less than 15 baskets, followed by two families with 8 baskets each - thank you for your generosity!

The grand total raised during this event was approximately $22,000 with the highest item being a gourmet family dinner with the priests prepared by Father Pons which went for $2500!

A huge “thank-you” to all who made this day possible, especially to our dear benefactors, without whom the school could not continue.  The students pray for them all.


Written by Kayla P., Senior at Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

Hearfelt Thanks to our 2021 Spring Auction Sponsors